BRT Express

Fast and frequent service within the Stockton Metropolitan Area (SMA)

Passengers boarding the Electric Express Bus
RTD launched its first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Express Corridor in 2007, which has experienced extraordinary growth in ridership. Since then, RTD has launched four more BRT routes to accommodate our customers’ demand for this high-quality service throughout the system, with Midtown Corridor and MLK Corridor in 2018 as the most recent additions.  Over six miles each, these BRT Express routes are key corridors and critical components to building a better transportation system for the city of Stockton.

What is BRT Express?

BRT Express, a high-quality Bus Rapid Transit service, operates with fewer stops, off-board fare collection, and more frequent trips than regular bus service to make it fast, reliable, and convenient. To meet the demand for its most popular service, RTD also employs higher-capacity hybrid articulated buses.
  • Hybrid and all-electric buses
  • Frequent service with limited stops
  • Improved shelters and boarding areas for passenger comfort and convenience
  • Pre-paid fares from Fare Vending Machines for faster passenger boarding
  • Seamless BRT Express connections at all RTD major transfer locations