Modified Service Change coming August 16, 2020.

Here is what we’re doing to prepare for your return to travel

RTD mechanic looking into bus with a flashlight

 Prioritizing your safety

Your safety is our top priority. This is what we’re doing to protect the health of our employees and customers:

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting our buses and facilities above industry standards.
    • We use the highest concentration of disinfectant daily to enhance cleaning capacity for all facilities, including bus shelters, benches, fare vending machines, and high-touch areas.
    • We clean all buses every night with antibacterial and antimicrobial disinfectant solutions.
    • We prioritize most-used buses in sanitizing with fog solutions.
  2. Promoting a healthy workforce with additional protection.
    • We provide personal protective equipment (e.g., face masks, face shields) and hand sanitizers to our employees.
    • We are installing operator barriers on buses to provide additional protection.
  3. Offering free cloth face masks to our customers to keep everyone safe.
    • You can pick up your mask at the DTC customer service window or from security guards at the HTS and UTS. More options for obtaining a free face mask will be available soon.
  4. Providing visual and audio reminders to practice social distancing and wear required face coverings with signage and audio announcements on buses and platforms.
  5. Enforcing face covering requirements by contracted security.

Improving technology to make traveling with RTD easier

Graphic of new RTD website shown on laptop, smart phone, and tablet

New and improved RTD has been optimized for mobile devices, trip planning, and web accessibility. Finding the information you need and planning your trip has never been easier!

New and improved TextBus technology: Text the unique bus stop ID# to get the departure times for every bus in the next 90 minutes. Soon, TextBus will give you more options to receive additional schedule information.

Increasing mobility options

We have redesigned Van Go! to offer seamless travel throughout all of San Joaquin County. View the new service redesign here.

We have formed partnerships with rideshare companies to provide options beyond Dial-A-Ride for ADA-certified passengers.

Implementing modified service in August

Since March, we have been operating a limited service schedule in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are happy to bring modified service levels on most routes in August! Please keep in mind that due to budget constraints, the August service change will be approximately 15% less than pre-COVID-19 service.

Watch the August 16 Modified Service Change Educational Workshop

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 Pausing fare collection in August

To welcome you back, we will not collect fares* from August 2-29! Not sure where you can go? Use our Trip Planner to find out!

*Excludes Commuter and Van Go! services.

Photo of bus operator with face mask on, inside bus. Text overlay: paused are collection August 2-28. Excludes commuter and van Go! services